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I was in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago shooting a wedding and had planned to shoot Samara & Travis' engagement photos there Sunday during sunrise. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the session. I told Samara that she didn't have to worry, because we would make it happen one way or another.

Fast- forward a couple of weeks and I get a call from Samara asking if we can make the engagement happen that same weekend, because Travis was going to have surgery on his knee a couple of days later and would have to rest for several weeks after that with limited movement of his leg during the recovery process. We immediately settled on Sunday during sunrise, and without questions they made the ten hour drive to make this happen.

It gets intense when I tell you that Travis was in crutches this whole session. We only pulled them out for the photo on the several spots we visited in Nashville. He was such a champ about everything. He never once complained about the pain, and you could see that both he and Samara were really in the moment. I reminded them before we started about the importance of the moments we were about to share, and the light bulb clicked. They were pure fire for the rest of the session every time they held hands, kissed, and embraced each other. 

I feel so fortunate and thrilled to be shooting their wedding in Maryland in a couple of months.