In my life I have always admired the idea of being able to capture moments in time that will otherwise never be seen, told, or remembered the same way again. Growing up in the city of Mexico exposed me to various aspects of life that I deeply admire, and one of the ones I least happen to remember but developed a great admiration for through my early adult life, is documenting real moments of every day people.

In a minimalist manner, my father being an operator at a local Fuji film lab in the early 90's left an imprint in me that I cannot and may never understand. He never taught me anything about exposures nor darkrooms, but his sincere character, kindness, and love is what I carry with me through everything I encounter. I am extremely fortunate to say that nothing has shaped me more as an individual than through the endless encouragement and constant push to strive for something bigger than myself by family. It is actually them to blame for why I am so in tune with my emotions, not only through most genres of movies, but everyday situations. Seriously, Pixar, This Is Us, and anything along the lines of My Sisters Keeper can have me shedding tears for days. LOL

As of right now, my family and myself have moved to our first home in East Nashville after leaving Tampa. The beautiful part about my life now is that we are creating are own path and I am fully chasing after my dreams on all cylinders. Sure, not always the easiest, but surely without a doubt the most rewarding. 

I share all this in hopes that you are able to get a better representation of who I am as an individual. There are a vast number of photographers out there that can take a good picture and capture a story, but I want you to feel like I am a close friend you can trust accompanying and guiding you through one of the most important moments. After all, you will be stuck with your photographer for the entire wedding process. Why not make it fun?

Seven things.

  1. I met the love of my life at Steak n’ Shake during my undergrad on a night that I was suppose to be at work. I felt the need to go with some friends because I knew I would meet someone special that night. Afterwards, I subtly asked for her number in the most embarrassing way, asked her out four weeks later in the summer of 2k11, and fell in love by Fall. The rest is history.
  2. I have a serious obsession with watching movies on opening night. Anything else is NOT an option.
  3. When I was young, I wanted to grow up to be a Pokemon trainer. I’m still anxiously awaiting that calling.
  4. He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right. Real talk.
  5. I enjoy all genres of music from Enrique Iglesias to Have Heart, but nothing compares to the moment I fell in love with the Hybrid Theory and Meteora albums in 2004.
  6. Boy Meets World taught me some of the most valuable and in influential pieces of life.
  7. I went to four different universities, because just going to one is overrated. My bachelors is in Public Relations & Advertising from the University of Tampa. We did it mom!