I am honored to share these moments with you. I always feel extremely humbled when I get the opportunity to document some of the most important days for others—go ahead and cue the crying face emojis 😭😭😅  For me, beyond creating romantic, warm, and authentic photos; the relationship that I create with who I photograph is one of the most important and rewarding. I intend to create a meaningful relationship with you throughout this process, so that I can photograph you in your truest form. As you may expect, having a camera in front of you while you are trying to be all lovey-dovey with your boo can be a little scary, and hard to warm up to at first. But, it doesn't have to be! My clients seek genuine moments captured, and that's where I shine (seriously, take a look below)! It can actually be fun, lively, and intimate. I won't awkwardly pose you the way it happened on senior prom or re-create extensive Pinterest boards that might force things to feel stiff and un-natural. I want this to be a one of a kind experience for you. 

What I will do is draw from your relationship by leading with some direction and cues, that will bring out those natural moments that mean the most to you. This might involve getting your dress a little dirty, embracing the wind or rain, and any other unexpected factor that comes our way. No matter what, your trust in me will guarantee that you have an unforgettable experience and photos that you will remember for a lifetime. That's my promise to you. Now, take a look and once you finish send me a message. The little **ding that my phone gets every time I get a new inquiry puts the biggest smile on my face. You'll realize this by the incredibly fast reply you will get from me.